3 out of 5 misdiagnosed for ADD may have a vision problem. Watch videos to learn more
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Why So Many Children Can't Read

Why can't these children learn? We believe that visual disorders--disorders that can or might be remedied..

The eye screening given most children in most schools is unbelievably poor -- so poor that it reveals less then 5 percent of visual problems

The visual disorders found in so many learning-disabled children are those that have their causes beyond the retina, in their vision and visual perception..

3 Out oF 5 Misdiagnosed for ADHD. Take the Vision Survey

PLEASE NOTE: Some binocular vision impairments are not easily detected by parents, teachers or optometrists because the turning or straying of the eye(s) is NOT obvious or consistent.

We believe disorders-- disorders that can or might be remedied -- are the culprit in a very large number of cases of learning disability. Statistics bear this out. Studies have shown that almost three quarters of reading disabled children -- 73 percent, to be precise -- suffered from a disorder of vision. This compares to 22 percent that had no reading problems. By now the evidence is overwhelming. Take the vision checklist survey to see if vision therapy can help..

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My association with Vision Development has been an ongoing project for over 30 years. One thing I have learned, is, that, there is always someone who needs to hear about the help that is available for struggling students, and, also the fact that there are many parents who recognize that "something is missing" in the puzzle of trying to help their child learn efficiently and more effortlessly. Dr. Seiderman's long established visual therapy program offers a long proven successful, non-invasive approach to getting to the basic problem as to why hard working students struggle to find success. If a person's visual system is not functioning correctly,.... no matter how creative the teacher is, no matter how much time is spent on trying to get homework done, no matter how dedicated the individual is at trying to keep on task, nothing is really able to be accomplished until his or her vision functions are analyzed. (not referring to the eye test given by an optician). Dr. Seiderman's program offers help through prism and lens therapy to correct any visual dysfunctions, and to incorporate a multidisciplinary approach helping the patient function as successfully as possible. Some of these areas might include: tracking skills ( i.e. following effortlessly in a left to right movement while reading, without skipping words or letters), eye hand co-ordination, improved spatial judgement (i.e. discerning where things are in space correctly), eliminating suppression,(i.e. the inability to have both eyes working at the same time). As therapists, we strive to provide a program that is engaging, challenging, and successful to each individual. What has been remarkable for those of us who work in this program is, to see how dramatic this therapy can be, not just in educational areas, but also in self esteem and confidence issues. Many, many, people report to us that the satisfaction of seeing an individual's learning abilities improve is incredibly rewarding,... but just as important is, watching a child or adult work at their full potential and the joy it brings to them.