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Articles and Publications

Dr Seiderman has published three books.

The Athletic Eye - this was the first major book ever written about vision and the athlete and has been translated into a Japanese version.

He has also co-authored the book 20/20 IS NOT ENOUGH.

His newest books has just released - Overlooked 20/20 Is Not Enough.

Alongside his many books, Dr. Seiderman also did a case study on Optometric Vision Therapy with a learning-disabled population. The case study was printed in the Journal of the American Optometric Association.

Below are other articles Dr. Seiderman has published.

Not Autistic or Hyperactive. Just Seeing Double at Times

As an infant, Raea Gragg was withdrawn and could not make eye contact. By preschool she needed to smell and squeeze every object she saw. “She touched faces and would bring everything to mouth,” said her mother, Kara Gragg, of Lafayette, Calif. “She would go up to people, sniff them and touch their cheeks.” Specialists conducted a battery of tests.


What You See Is What You Hit

Good athletes generally have sharper vision than poor athletes. The question is: Can athletes improve their vision? A local optometrist says they can John Palumbo rested his chin on a bar and fixed his eyes on a red cross at the center of a screen in front of him. For the moment, the red cross is all that is visible.


My child can’t concentrate — Why?

Phillip was only in first grade when school problems surfaced. By second grade he was falling further behind in reading and no one could figure out why. His I.Q. scores were in the 98th percentile. A standard eye examination had revealed a mild case of farsightedness and he wore glasses to “correct“ the condition. Still he reversed letters and numbers,