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Dr. Seiderman in the News

Dr. Seiderman has lectured throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. His work, which has helped thousands of people to overcome their concentration, learning, and reading problems has been reviewed in the New York Times, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Constitution, and the L.A. Times.

As one of the world’s leading experts, he is a frequent guest on many national and local television and radio Shows.

Dr. Seiderman has been featured several times in the Lancaster Newspaper, and for a period, wrote articles in the Lancaster Mom’s section of the Lancaster Newspaper. Here, he touched on topics of ADD and ADHD, autism, alternatives to ADD/ADHD medication, and how vision therapy can help kids and adults who are suffering with signs and symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Not Autistic or Hyperactive. Just Seeing Double at Times

As an infant, Raea Gragg was withdrawn and could not make eye contact. By preschool she needed to smell and squeeze every object she saw. “She touched faces and would bring everything to mouth,” said her mother, Kara Gragg, of Lafayette, Calif. “She would go up to people, sniff them and touch their cheeks.” Specialists conducted a battery of tests.


Radio Station WWDB (96.5 FM, Philadelphia, PA) interviews

Association for Developmental Disabilities selected Dr. Seiderman Professional Man of the Year.

Dr. Seiderman has specialized in treating vision related learning problems since 1971.