Vision Development Center

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Dr. Arthur Seiderman offers a non-invasive, natural therapy program at Vision Development Center of Lancaster PA. There, he treats children, teens and adults for signs and symptoms of ADD, ADHD, Autism, and other learning disabilities, as well as educating his patients on what visual dysfunctions are, and how they can affect one’s ability to learn, comprehend, and sustain concentration.

Visual dysfunction problems are generally most noticeable while reading or doing other concentrated work. Visual dysfunctions will also cause discomfort or occasional pain, eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, and/or transposing of words or letters. In many cases, children, teens and adults who have these types of issues are labeled as “learning disabled”, or having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Visual dysfunctions seriously impact one’s ability to concentrate by shortening their attention span, causing frustration and resulting in poor academic performance, which may be below their true intellectual or scholastic potential. Being told one is “lazy or dumb” lowers one’s self-image and to think “they can’t”, results in anger and frustration.

Vision therapy has been proven to be 90% successful in treating adults and has demonstrated comparable results in helping children.

The success rate can be measured in two ways:

1.  Patients will demonstrate improved performance in concentration, learning, hand-eye skills, balance, fine and gross motor skills, improvement with eye strain, and headaches.

2.  Improvement is carefully measured at our office by Dr. Seiderman by the use of diagnostic and evaluative tests, which yield objective results before and after treatment.

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Symptoms Survey

If you observe any of the symptoms listed above at school, work, or home, it could indicate a vision related learning problem that requires treatment. These problems cannot be resolved without professional help.

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