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Dr. Seiderman's work has also been broadcasted on Fox News, and ABC News. In these interviews, he explains to watchers how the visual system works, and how Vision Therapy can help someone suffering from symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and/or other learning disabilities.



Radio Station WWDB (96.5 FM, Philadelphia, PA) interviews

Association for Developmental Disabilities selected Dr. Seiderman Professional Man of the Year.

Dr. Seiderman has specialized in treating vision related learning problems since 1971.

On the show “The Doctor is In” with host Dr. Jim Corea

Discusses ADD, ADHD, seeing double, reversing words, vision assessment. Vision is learned and since learned can be improved..

On the show “The Doctor is In” with host Dr. Jim Corea

More discussion with callers. Adult onset convergent deficiency. Tired eyes from working on computers..